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Hi, I'm Mark Polson, Owner of Polson's Natural Foods. Thank you for shopping in our store and visiting our site. I am proud to say that Polson's Natural Foods has been a family affair for over 90 years. In fact, Linnie Mae Polson my mother was our bookkeeper from 1939-2006, an amazing 67 years! Through the years, the responsibility has been passed from my grandfather to my father and now to me.


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Monday - Thursday: 9am - 6pm
Friday: 9am - 8pm
Saturday: 9am - 5pm
Sunday: Closed and all major holidays
Phone: (847) 395-0461

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It began with my grandfather Alfred Polson who laid the foundation for our family business. He had a passion to help others enjoy healthy lives. During the 1930s and '40s, he used numerous venues for reaching his many friends throughout America. "Polson's Visitor" a free monthly publication was born to bring others real facts about health foods and value to the betterment of health. He was among the first to give free health lectures and participate in guest radio spots.

Let me backup a minute and explain that in 1926, my grandfather left his family in Minnesota to start their first health food store in Illinois. One year later his family joined him in Chicago, and at the early age of 13, my father Ronald Polson began learning the ropes of the business.

Through the '30s and '40s the family business grew into a partnership of three thriving stores, a bakery, and a restaurant. Education became a primary role for my father who worked to advance the health care industry.

As the decade ended, one by one the businesses were sold. My grandfather dreamt of getting back to "working in the soil" and raising organic crops. So in 1952 my father bought a small farm in Antioch, Illinois. From 1952-1963, organic grains, chickens, eggs, and fruits from the orchard were sold in the farm store. What fun Randy, my brother, and I had working beside grandfather and our father.

In 1963 we out grew the farm store and moved to Antioch's Main Street. Then in the late '70s, we opened two more stores, making three. My brother Randy managed the Niles store and his wife Stephanie the one in Zion. I took over the reins in 1979, and Jeri my dedicated wife, partnered with me until she decided to retire. In 1990 when my brother and his wife moved to Crivitz, Wisconsin, we downsized to one store again – Polson's Natural Foods Store, 960 Main Street, Antioch, IL.

"I am proud that none of us ever lost sight of my grandfather's passion -- to help others enjoy healthy lives. Every day my staff and I continue to educate with our personalized customer service. We care about you, our customer. We're here to help you make good choices for healthy living. You are an important part of our family!"